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The Development Camps

How can education as such get prioritized in a researcher's career? How does UCPH create educational forms that really matter? Is it possible to optimize the contact between researchers and students? And how is it ensured that 37.000 students all get an international dimension into their education?

These were only a few of the questions that were brought up on 11 November and 6 December, when the rector of the university in relation to the project "Education at its Best" invited all students and staff members to get involved in the project for two idea development days in The Grey Hall at Christiania and later Tivoli's Congress Centre.

The goal was simple: How is even better education created at UCPH - and what ideas can be developed and shaped into actual projects the coming year? In 2011, 10 million DKK had been set aside to test a number of the projects that were developed as results of the days.