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Good Education Is ...

What makes an education "the best", and how do we ensure educational quality?
The University of Copenhagen (UCPH) has listed seven focus points to help inspire you.



Education-Based Research
How does UCPH become the best at combining research and education?
Research is the core of university education in Denmark. How do the externally financed researchers get in closer contact with their students? Can research influence teaching and lectures in new exciting ways? And how does the education inspire the research?

Educational Styles That Matter
How does UCPH create educational styles that engage and motivate in new ways?
What motivates a student at lectures? When is it necessary to implement new and more activating educational styles? Are you experienced with or do you have any good ideas for new ways of learning and teaching?

Useful Educations
How does UCPH create education that is usable and useful, also outside of the university?
Some educations offer direct accesses to jobs after graduation – to other students the labour market is very broad and more confusing. Can focus on the labour market be integrated more and differently in education and the profile of the latter be made clearer?

A Living Campus
How does UCPH obtain a professional and social student environment that vitalizes campus?
UCPH is to be a place where you as a student like to be. In recent years, there has been put a lot of work into extending study places and wireless internet connections. How do we make UCPH an even livelier place – a place where you come to study and also to meet your fellow students and lecturers for both professional conversation and pure relaxation?

Education across the University
How does UCPH take better advantage of the professional width of the university?
An interdisciplinary scope is essential to understanding and handling the complex problems that graduates from UCPH contribute to solving. But how does UCPH get its broad knowledge at play across the university? Is the balance between professional depth and interdisciplinarity correct?

Career in Education
How does UCPH turn teaching and education into a more essential part of the scientific research career?
As a researcher and lecturer you have a busy job. How does UCPH ensure that teaching is not downgraded compared to research or other tasks? Share your ideas!

Influence on Education
How does UCPH make sure that both employees and students influence their education?
What can UCPH do to ensure a more direct influence on education for both parts? Is it possible to get better at evaluating in a way that will give a quick and immediate effect on the content of the courses or on the teaching style?